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Welcome all, to the bitch-fest that is liekomgwtf

This is a general drama community, run by myself and utopian_stars

You may post ANY drama you can find. It doesn't have to be in LJ either. As long as we can see it, it's all good

Just a few rules to begin with.

- Me and utopian_stars are the head honchos here. What we say goes :)
- When someone posts drama, do not take this as an opportunity to go in there and flame the shit out of people. We are spectators. Nothing more. And I WILL be checking up on this. We don't want this place reported to the LJ Abuse team
- Bad language is okay, but try not to start flame wars. We report the drama. We don't start it
- When posting drama, don't just post the link. Post a little summary so that people can know what's going on. Makes for less confusion that way, plus, funny sumaries make the drama much more interesting
- liekomgwtf is NOT your personal mafia. If you want someone to abuse a troll, or to settle an argument, ask your friends. As I already said, we just watch the drama
- I know this is an obvious one, but if the drama is friends locked, then there's no real point in posting it. Only post it if all of us can see it.
- The funniest drama will be put in our archives/memories for future generations to enjoy

That's it for now. More will be added when I'm not being lazy XD

EDIT: Added some more guidelines and put this post in the Memories. Now, back to the bitch-fest XD
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