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This is the best drama all year.

Usually, I don't get involved in LJ drama. I just stay on the sidelines and laugh at the morons. However, I got involved in this one thing, and it's just exploded all over the fuckyoulist

It starts off here, just a regular rant post, right? Well, that's what it started out as until she announced that only sluts get abortions. So obviously, I take offence at this and speak up. Which starts a little bit of drama in that post. The fuckyoulist is usually full of drama, so this one post doesn't stand out too much. HOWEVER.

Some girl makes this post.Now, I like what she has to say, it's a choice and all that, and just because it wasn't my choice when I was in that situation, it doesn't mean that she isn't entitled to make a different choice. So she gets lots of comments about how brave she is. It's relatively drama free until someone makes this lovely comment, which obviously is gonna cause some more shit.

Fast forward some more, and the girl from the second post decides to post again calling out the person who told her abortion might be a good idea. Not as much drama, but still, it's part of the story.

So, our favourite anti-abortion lady pipes up again and she thinks that if we all had our own kids, we'd be pro-life. She then decides that posting a picture of her kid is somehow going to convince us.

Next, some other anti-abortion person decides to tell this girl that she is irresponsible, because - get this - SHE HAS SEX! this, obviously does not go down well.

Next, this lovely lady decides to make a post with comments disabled about how she thinks the girl with the rape baby is making a terrible mistake. Obviously, this pisses quite a few people off. and to make matters worse, people feel the need to play internet detective and decide wether she's lying or not., and of course, the obligatory person who is too special to make a comment in the forst post and makes a post of their own.

To top all of this drama off, we have the person who decides to tell us to chill out, it's just the internet. and the person who missed it all and feels sad about not being able to participate.
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