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Our first IRC drama!

[10:03] * Xiahou_Dun ( has joined #animeleague
[10:03] * RanmaGuy is now known as Kamineko^2
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> mallory?
[10:04] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Kamineko^2
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> guess not!
<10+03Kamineko^2> NOPE
<10+03Kamineko^2> GUESS NULL
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> :(
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> i miss her!
<10+03Kamineko^2> i miss her too
<10+03FaerieFortune> aww
[10:05] * Sweebish misses not haveing a fat gut
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> you lost lots of weight too?
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> i lost 25lbs in the last year some how
[10:06] > no i need to lose lots of weight
[10:06] > and
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> now i only weigh a buck twenty nine :(
[10:06] > on a side note
[10:06] > i was typing random crap
[10:07] > and typed
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> no kidding?
[10:07] > and went there
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> possibly i should dip my hand in some medication to fix those deficient synaptic transmissons?
[10:07] > the previous projects thing, has a sillohette of Gorrilaz
[10:07] * Notorious_Ga-Ga punches!~@!
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> thats a cute pic eh?
[10:08] > j/me wouldnt know, hasnt clicked it yet
<10+03Kamineko^2> LOL
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> for more of that action
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> check out the Ga-Hing is a Sex God thread in FOIT ;)
[10:08] > meh
[10:09] > fortune cookies don't have fortunes in them
[10:09] > they should be called proverb cookies
[10:09] * Notorious_Ga-Ga makes handicap motions with arms
[10:10] > actually i did get an actual fortune in a cookie once
[10:10] > "You will be a great Philanthopist)
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> are you 15 years old?
[10:10] > may i ask why you think i am 15?
[10:11] > is it because of my piss poor typing?
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> not many adults type 'at random' i think
<10+03FaerieFortune> FUCKING HELL!
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> ?
[10:11] > just pluck the damne deye out already
<06Xiahou_Dun> watch your language
<10+03FaerieFortune> no I will not
[10:12] > watch language? that's funny
<06Xiahou_Dun> ya sound like my old man
<10+03FaerieFortune> that a problem?
<06Xiahou_Dun> yeah it is
<10+03FaerieFortune> why, pray tell?
[10:12] > odg, this is about to get stupid
<10+03Kamineko^2> i call anchor for language!
<10+03Kamineko^2> who's going to be my co-anchor for the show
[10:13] * Sweebish takes a seat in the studio audience
<06Xiahou_Dun> cuz its enough to have to hear him cuss
<06Xiahou_Dun> every other word
[10:13] * Sweebish is worse in real life
<10+03FaerieFortune> Tell me the part of the rules where I'm not allowed to swear and I'll stop
[10:14] > the last time i actually typed out a string of words i use in real life, i got kicked
<10+03FaerieFortune> besides, I said fuck like...once. I highly doubt that's "every other word"
[10:14] > hehe
<10+03Kamineko^2> you know Xiahou_Dun, you complaining only encourages its frequent use
<10+03Kamineko^2> for example, how may i fucking help your fucking eye FaerieFortune?
<06Xiahou_Dun> not you again
[10:15] > i think the exact phrase i used was "Holy God (R-word) Son of and Atheist Mother"
<10+03Kamineko^2> fuck yeah
<10+03Kamineko^2> you know what i fucking dig
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> oh shit, i forgot my fucking golf clubs at my stupid asshole of a friend's house
<10+03Kamineko^2> those fucking hellistic evilostic shitbags of shit
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> my cock is huge by the way
<10+03FaerieFortune> you see, that's something worth telling someone to "watch their language" over
<10+03Kamineko^2> fuck you FaerieFortune1
<10+03Kamineko^2> fuck you all!
[10:16] * Sweebish hasn't been laid in a while
[10:16] > hmm
[10:16] > nah
[10:16] > im not that desperate
<10+03Kamineko^2> fuck fuck fuck
<10+03Kamineko^2> mother mother fuck / mother mother fuck
[10:17] > yeah i need to go dl that
<10+03Kamineko^2> fuck mother fuck mother fuck noinch noinch noinch
<10+03Kamineko^2> one two, one two three four
<10+03Kamineko^2> Noinch Noinch Noinch Shmokin' Weed, Shmokin' Wizz
<10+03FaerieFortune> hey, it's your fault
[10:17] > roffles
<10+03Kamineko^2> OH NO ITS A FUCKSPLOSION!!!
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> livejournal people are weird
[10:17] * Kamineko^2 whistles bomb noises
[10:17] > has you seen the people in here?
<06Xiahou_Dun> your.... your....
[10:18] > god i called that one
[10:18] > it did get stupid in here
<06Xiahou_Dun> can't think of a word right now my brain just stopped
[10:18] > and fast too
[10:18] * Kamineko^2 spreads his arms to simulate a huge explosion
[10:18] > yay
[10:18] > we broke him!
[10:18] > or her
<06Xiahou_Dun> who you callin a her
[10:19] > we broke herm!
<10+03Kamineko^2> iTS A hER
[10:19] * kaytodaizzik ( has joined #animeleague
[10:19] * ChanServ sets mode: +o kaytodaizzik
<10+03Kamineko^2> heya kaytodaizzik
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> good morning
[10:19] > hi
<10+03FaerieFortune> Kay, Help XD
[10:19] > join the insanity
<10+03Kamineko^2> i nominate Xiahou_Dun to be kicked from the channel by kaytodaizzik
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> i have trouble spelling out kaytodaizziki
[10:20] > i second the motion
<06Xiahou_Dun> what did i do
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> i wouldn't mind blasting a golden shower. Dun might be able to take cover like the maid of the myst
<06Xiahou_Dun> ???
<10+03Kamineko^2> so how's them lakers
[10:22] > you complaining about something that a: isn't against the rules b: you failed to give a good reason for us to stop c: you can avoid it by putting the offending person son ifgnore
<10+03Kamineko^2> i fucking agree
<10+03Kamineko^2> i propose that we spam Xiahou_Dun with random profanities until the point is clear
[10:22] > or on an extreme note, you can leave on your own
<06Xiahou_Dun> the point is clear
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> are the Knicks still in it?
<10+03Kamineko^2> Notorious_Ga-Ga: beats me, i dont watch basketball
[10:23] > now i would personally rather see you stay, and have a sense of humor about it, the more the merrier
<06Xiahou_Dun> i have a sense of humor
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> i watch hockey!
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> and golf
[10:24] > wow
<10+03Kamineko^2> Xiahou_Dun, we people in here feel we're hot stuff
[10:24] > arent those like polar opposites?
<10+03Kamineko^2> and it's because we are
<10+03Kamineko^2> and because we are, we can totally disgregard your feelings
<10+03Kamineko^2> and poke fun at it
<06Xiahou_Dun> you said a mouth full
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> i am hot stuff
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> you're all cold fronts
[10:25] * Kamineko^2 spanks Notorious_Ga-Ga
<10+03Kamineko^2> he's sizzling at the sizzler
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> how old are you Fleo?
[10:26] * Sweebish is a cold heartd bastard that would sell his mother for another 32mb of ram
<10+03Kamineko^2> Theo, 21
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> ;)
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> what are you taking in university!?
<10+03Kamineko^2> ;D
[10:26] > mmmm RAM
<06Xiahou_Dun> you people need help
<10+03Kamineko^2> comp engineering, comp sci, math, and psychology
[10:26] > duh?
<10+03Kamineko^2> im a quad-major.
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> die hard
<10+03Kamineko^2> more than you imagine XD
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> sure is
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> i hated my intro to psych course
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> but it has helped me with one thing
<06Xiahou_Dun> i should've joined the army
[10:27] > i would only take a psych class for one reason
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> everyone in FOIT was victim of the Do Do Bird verdict till i popped in!
<10+03Kamineko^2> Xiahou_Dun: you cant join the army, the drill sergants swear at you
[10:27] > to better my ailities to fuck with peoples heads
<10+03Kamineko^2> when you tell him that he cant swear
[10:28] * Sweebish is ex-navy
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> how do you put up with so much psych??
<10+03Kamineko^2> BECAUSE IM i dont know.
[10:29] > Dun, i honeslty beleive that if you werent killed by the second day of bootcamp, you'd kill yourself on the third
[10:30] > cause in the bootcamp you are most often refferred to as a "Monky Cum covered Fuckstick"
<10+03Kamineko^2> HAHAHA
<06Xiahou_Dun> if its a superior officer i'll take orders from him
[10:30] > orders hell
<06Xiahou_Dun> and i won't mind being cussed at by him
[10:31] > he just gonna yell expletives at you all dya
[10:31] > day
[10:31] > then why do you care what we say?
<06Xiahou_Dun> yeah shows wat you know about the U.S. armed forces
[10:31] > AHEM
[10:31] > I WAS IN THE NAVY
<10+03Kamineko^2> i'm ex-army reserves
<10+03Kamineko^2> civil affairs.
<06Xiahou_Dun> how old are you
[10:32] > me?
[10:32] > 24
[10:32] > you?
<06Xiahou_Dun> 20
[10:32] > then act it
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> i should buy the new D12 cd today
<10+03FaerieFortune> thanks for reminding me that I want that CD
[10:33] > do we need a disclaimer for the chat?
<06Xiahou_Dun> oh by the way the Navy is hardly the Army
[10:33] > yer right
<10+03Kamineko^2> he's right; the army is a lazy bunch of folk XD
<06Xiahou_Dun> the navy gets the easy jobs while the army does the hard stuff
[10:34] > i had to sit out at sea 6 months at a time, army guys get to go home every night
<06Xiahou_Dun> look back in WWII
[10:34] > oh bullshit
[10:34] > theasy jobs my ass
<10+03Kamineko^2> ok, im going to leave this argument to you Sweebish
<10+03Kamineko^2> i need some sleep XD
[10:34] > hehe
<06Xiahou_Dun> oh who stormed the beachs at D-Day
<06Notorious_Ga-Ga> have a magical sleep
<06Xiahou_Dun> army
[10:34] > who dropped you off safely?
<06Xiahou_Dun> the navy
[10:35] > exactly?
<06Xiahou_Dun> but the navy just sat off shore and bombarded shit
[10:35] > yeah
[10:35] > and we had to get you there, without being seen
<06Xiahou_Dun> while the army stormed the beachs took heavy looses and kept German artilllery from blowin the Navy to hell
[10:36] > you have to smarter to join the navy anyway
[10:36] > not realyl
[10:37] > you only need a 32 on the ASVAB
<06Xiahou_Dun> yes really
[10:37] > same as ARMY
[10:37] > have taken the ASVAB>
[10:37] > <-- got a 74
<10+03Kamineko^2> <- 83 XD
[10:37] * Kamineko^2 drags his ass to sleep
[10:37] > i prolyl couldnt score that high now
<06Xiahou_Dun> does the navy have a elite group of special ops??
[10:37] > but then i did
[10:37] > yeah
[10:38] > i think they are called SEALs
<06Xiahou_Dun> thats funny
<06Xiahou_Dun> Army got the rangers
<06Xiahou_Dun> the delta force
<06Xiahou_Dun> and one other
[10:38] > yeah navy has another two
[10:38] > too
<06Xiahou_Dun> wat
[10:39] > gods i think i am getting dumber just talkign to you
[10:39] > can think of it
[10:39] > starts with a B
[10:39] > holy shit
[10:39] > that damn prog is gonna thin were frinds
[10:39] > Damn you Rahh!
<06Xiahou_Dun> cool down man
[10:40] > cool down?
[10:40] > i'm sittin here laughing my ass
[10:40] > off
<06Xiahou_Dun> still take a breath
[10:41] > dude im not upset
<06Xiahou_Dun> no from laughing
[10:41] > it takes a lot of effort to piss me off
[10:41] > pfft
[10:42] > if i couldnt laugh, id have to start shooting people
<06Xiahou_Dun> thats nice...
[10:42] > i wonder how many headshots i could get in before the police gunned me down?
<06Xiahou_Dun> 2
[10:42] > well
[10:42] > <-- scored markman on the range, has the ribbon to prove it
[10:43] > Marksman
[10:43] > anyway
[10:43] > if i did it in a well populated area
[10:43] > enclosed
[10:43] > with minimal exits
[10:43] > i could get a lot of head shots in
<06Xiahou_Dun> 2 or 3
[10:44] > well the police have to get there too
[10:44] > hmm
<06Xiahou_Dun> secuirity gaurd would be all over you
<06Xiahou_Dun> *gaurds
[10:44] > security gurad?
[10:44] > wtf is he gonna do?
<06Xiahou_Dun> shoot you
[10:44] > try to get close enough to spray me with mace?
[10:45] > pfft
<06Xiahou_Dun> they carry guns
[10:45] > hardly any do
[10:45] > only if they are workign a job that is considred dangerous enought to warratn it
<06Xiahou_Dun> all of them do in well populated areas
[10:45] > no they dont
<06Xiahou_Dun> tell that to the 4 or 5 i saw
[10:46] > geee you saw for or five?
[10:46] > ive seen a few hundred of them
<06Xiahou_Dun> yes
[10:46] > various malls
[10:46] > banks (yeha they had guns there)
[10:46] > and even a mcdonalds
[10:47] > there is NO NEED for an armed guard at a mcdonalds
[10:47] > most malls dont want security to have guns anyway
<06Xiahou_Dun> i'm saying that the 4 or 5 i saw said that all secuirity gaurds carried guns in populated mals or banks
[10:47] > scares customers
<06Xiahou_Dun> *malls
[10:47] > well they dont
[10:47] > and if you intrduce them to me, i will gladly call them fucktards
<06Xiahou_Dun> tell that to the one i saw
[10:48] > or just refer to them as Sequeerity Tards
[10:48] > i will
[10:48] * Dami is now known as Dami|Schooling
<06Xiahou_Dun> lol
<06Xiahou_Dun> damn
[10:48] > i am not afraid of a security guard
[10:49] > well maybe LaFours
[10:49] > but e aint real
<06Xiahou_Dun> when is sakura on ya know
[10:49] > i dont have a clue
<06Xiahou_Dun> why is she so hard to find
[10:51] * Sweebish doesn't care
<06Xiahou_Dun> srry kinda been looking for her
[10:52] > then PM her?
<06Xiahou_Dun> i used to know wat that ment
[10:53] > u r ]\[07 1337
<06Xiahou_Dun> ???
[10:53] > exactly
<06Xiahou_Dun> wat
[10:54] > the very fact you have to ask proves my statement
<06Xiahou_Dun> that state ment was wat
[10:55] > u r ]\[07 1337
<06Xiahou_Dun> and that means wat
<10@04nawab> translation -> you aren't a complete moron
[10:56] > hehe
[10:56] > just cause i have too much time on my hands
[10:56] > doens tno tmake me a moron
<06Xiahou_Dun> I'm going to punch you
<10@04nawab> being l337 makes anyone a moron
[10:56] > yer going to pucnch me?
[10:57] > dude
<06Xiahou_Dun> maybe
<06Xiahou_Dun> jk
[10:57] > he he didn't know what a PM was
[10:57] > i could not resist
[10:57] > i had to say it
<10@04nawab> hmm, perhaps i should read more than the last line on my screen
[10:58] > hehe
[10:58] > you whould read a good portion of the log
<06Xiahou_Dun> just because i don't hang out on the computer all day doesn't make me a moron
[10:59] > never said you
[10:59] > and what makes you think i do?
[10:59] > i mean no offense
[10:59] > to all other in thi schat
<06Xiahou_Dun> oh
<10@04nawab> noooo, a l337 person is someone who uses numbers instead of letters because thewy hang out on computers all the time and they are the morons
[10:59] > but i have a social life wher ei interat with other people while in the same physical space oas them
[11:00] > i just cant type for shti
<06Xiahou_Dun> wtf did you just say
[11:00] > and for the record, typing in 1337 is something that takes effort, i am by no means good at it
<06Xiahou_Dun> i'm lost
[11:01] > but i have a social life where I interact with other people while in the same physical space as them.
[11:01] > basicly i said, that i have a life away from my computer
<06Xiahou_Dun> oh
[11:01] > i even get laid once in a while
<06Xiahou_Dun> srry i have southern blood
[11:02] * Sweebish is in florida
<06Xiahou_Dun> don't catch on to quick
[11:02] > sorry
[11:02] > i'll try to be more monosyllabic in the future
<06Xiahou_Dun> you said that on ourpose
<06Xiahou_Dun> *purpose
[11:03] > umm yeah, i did
[11:03] * Sweebish is an asshole
<06Xiahou_Dun> wise ass
[11:03] * Sweebish is a wise asshole
[11:05] > [10:59] know any attractive women on here who are single
<06Xiahou_Dun> yes you are
[11:05] > there no wyou have said it in the chat
<06Xiahou_Dun> you
<06Xiahou_Dun> are
<06Xiahou_Dun> a
<06Xiahou_Dun> dick
[11:06] > hehe
<06Xiahou_Dun> head
[11:06] > yes
[11:06] > i
[11:06] > am
[11:06] > i
[11:06] > told
[11:06] > yo
[11:06] > u
[11:06] > not
[11:06] > to
[11:06] > pm
[11:06] > me
[11:06] > with
[11:06] > that
[11:06] > shit
[11:06] > and
[11:06] > you
[11:06] > kept
[11:06] > at
[11:06] > it
<10+03FaerieFortune> stop flooding
[11:06] > ok ok
<06Xiahou_Dun> you did
[11:07] > i didnt thin anyone else was even looking in here
<10+03FaerieFortune> if an Op was paying attention, they would have kicked you for that
<06Xiahou_Dun> i don't rember
[11:07] > yes i told you not to talk to me in there, talk to me in the chat
[11:07] > adn you pmed me again
<06Xiahou_Dun> with one sentence
[11:07] > yep
<06Xiahou_Dun> u are way to sensitive
[11:08] > ano had you said something like "Ok" or "oh sorry" or even "My bad" i would have dropped
[11:09] > it
[11:09] > but you said "Like I'me Gonna say that in chat"
[11:09] > anyway i am just trying to help you get the information you want
<06Xiahou_Dun> is there a problem with me not wanting to say it in chat
<06Xiahou_Dun> i was informing you
[11:10] > no there is nit
[11:10] > not
[11:10] > i had already figured out that you did not want to say it there
[11:10] > i figured thats why you pmed me
[11:10] > it seems i was right
<06Xiahou_Dun> well you could of been a little more hush, hush about it
[11:11] > bah
[11:11] > you could pick a better source for information
[11:11] > i hardly know these people
<06Xiahou_Dun> well excuse me
[11:12] > i'm not even a member of the forum
<10+03FaerieFortune> we're not your dating service either
<06Xiahou_Dun> i haven't been on in almost a year
<06Xiahou_Dun> no one asked your opinion
[11:12] > actually i have to agree with that statement
<10+03FaerieFortune> yes, but there is a little something called Free Speech
[11:13] > why are you looking for a GF online anyway?
[11:13] > i meant your statement FF
<06Xiahou_Dun> could you just go away no please
<10@04nawab> <- lol
[11:13] > i agree with FF
<10+03FaerieFortune> who, me? You want me to go away?
[11:13] > not Dumb
[11:13] > i mean Dun
<06Xiahou_Dun> well just stop adding your 2 pices worth
<10+03FaerieFortune> why?
[11:14] > umm, Dun i beleive there was a lot of asking you to leave earlier
[11:14] > this is a chat Dun
<10+03FaerieFortune> one thing I hate more than anything is people treating AL like their personal dating service
<06Xiahou_Dun> they started it
[11:14] > if you dont want to hear what FF has to say, thne use the ignor function
<10+03FaerieFortune> Xiahou_Dun, let me ask you, how old are you?
[11:15] > its 20
[11:15] > said so earlier
<06Xiahou_Dun> pay attention
[11:15] > no Dun
[11:15] > FF was prolly away
<10+03FaerieFortune> well I'm sorry if I have nothing fucking better to do than sit and watch the chat all day
<06Xiahou_Dun> not u
[11:16] > me?
<06Xiahou_Dun> no
[11:16] > do you know wher yer talking to?
[11:16] > do you know who yer talking to?
<06Xiahou_Dun> yes
[11:17] > hey my record in here is AFK for three days
[11:17] > w00t! go me
<06Xiahou_Dun> i give up
<06Xiahou_Dun> i'm gone
[11:17] > thank you
[11:17] * Xiahou_Dun ( Quit (Quit: PJIRC forever!)

Submitted to me by a random chat goer
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